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At Filtered Faces Aesthetics we specialise in creating a fresh, youthful and natural look through a range of cutting-edge skin treatments. Book your consultation with Specialist Cosmetic Nurse Angela Bell today, to assess your individual needs.

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Angela Bell from Filtered Faces Aesthetics is one of the Gold Coast’s most trusted Cosmetic Nurses, with a clinic located in Burleigh Heads. We offer a modern and private setting for all your cosmetic injectables and skin treatment needs.

We founded our business with one goal in mind – to make aesthetic treatments effective, safe and affordable for every woman and man.

All our treatments and products are medically approved, and our experienced cosmetic nurse Angela Bell is there to listen to your needs and desires for your skin, and recommend the perfect, personalised treatment plan for you.

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The power of injectables and a little help from make up 💉💄
My very own glow up and the difference between 7 years of aging or anti ageing treatments. So what have I had in 7 years?
💉lip filler for my non existent upper lip
💉lateral cheek filler
💉lifting threads
💉collagen biostimulator injections
💉bioremodelling treatment
💉of course anti wrinkle regularly
💉medical grade skin care
💉regular skin treatments (Hydrafacial and peels)

Injectables don’t have to be overinflated lips or alien looking cheeks. They can be done to create a natural look to enhance your natural features.
Come and have a consultation with one of our very experienced injectable nurses where we can educate you on all the options available for treatments. Book online via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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Under eye filler by the talented @cosmeticnurseanika
Great for creating that brighter, fresh appearance to the eyes 👀
Book online now via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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PDO Mono Threads are a great way to increase collagen and assist deep lines in the frown and forehead ...

More lower face training today for our amazing Registered Nurses with the @allerganaestheticsanz team 💉
Book your appointments online via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633

That’s correct your 6th skin needling treatment is totally on us!!
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Team building days with the Filtered Faces team and @candicepurcellart ...

Our bioremodelling treatment is back in stock 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
We will be contacting everyone on our waitlist to book you in. If you missed out get online now and book yourself in for this beautiful treatment.
Online bookings via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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🎄Hydrafacial Special🎄

Want glowing clear skin heading into Christmas? This is the special for you!

Purchase 3 Hydrafacial treatments, and receive the 4th one FREE!
Choose between our Express or Deluxe hydrafacial 🤩

We also offer gift vouchers- the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas season

When filler is placed in all the right spots it should be undetectable but should leave a refreshed look.

Can you guess what areas we treated on this beautiful lady?
Treatment by Nurse Ange
Book online via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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More advanced training for our amazing injectors in clinic today thanks to @allerganaestheticsanz_facial
We love training and keeping our skills up to date so we offer you the most safest procedure we can.
Book in with one of our nurses and you will know your with one of the most advanced trained practitioners on the GC!
Book online now via our website, DM or contact 0411146633

Jump over and watch @davidsubritzky and his gorgeous jawline by me on @thechallenge_au ...

Skin Pen skin needling is now available at Filtered Faces Aesthetics.
Skin needling is amazing for
🌟collagen induction
🌟improve fine lines and wrinkles
🌟improve pore size
🌟acne scarring

Book online via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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It’s the frill neck lizard tightening treatment 🦎
Great for tightening the submental area and creating a more defined jawline
Treatment by @hayley.j_aesthetics
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The hydra facial gunk jar is always good to see how much dead skin, debris, dirt, black heads and pollutants come out.
Hydra facial is amazing for leaving you glowing and hydrated.
Book your hydra facial today with our loyalty program and get your 4th hydra facial FREE!!!
Book online now, DM or contact 0411146633
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Let’s talk collagen biostimulator treatments!
This is one of my favourite anti ageing treatments because it works with your body to stimulate collagen production. This is one way of turning the clock back in the same way nature turned it forward.
Our body’s natural collagen being stimulated results in
🌟natural volume restoration
🌟addresses lines and wrinkles
🌟long term improvement in skin quality, firmness and elasticity

We stick two different types of biostimulator treatments and one can also be used on the body to create that rounded booty!!
Book online now via our website, DM or contact 0411146633
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Structural transformation for our client 💉

Areas treated:

It is amazing what a little well placed filler can do for overall aesthetics!

That moment when the dermal filler just pops perfectly
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We are closed today for Melbourne Cup. Have an amazing day everyone 🐎💋 ...

It’s all about that cupids bow 💋
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