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Angela Bell from Filtered Faces Aesthetics is one of the Gold Coast’s most trusted Cosmetic Nurses, with a clinic located in Burleigh Heads. We offer a modern and private setting for all your cosmetic injectables and skin treatment needs.

We founded our business with one goal in mind – to make aesthetic treatments effective, safe and affordable for every woman and man.

All our treatments and products are medically approved, and our experienced cosmetic nurse Angela Bell is there to listen to your needs and desires for your skin, and recommend the perfect, personalised treatment plan for you.

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AMAC 2022 did not disappoint! Nurse Ange was down in Sydney this weekend learning more advanced injectable training with the amazing allergan team. Safe to say she can’t wait to bring all the knowledge to you all in clinic after a massive weekend of learning
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Nurse Ange is at a conference today so the clinic will be closed. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow with so much new knowledge ...

Ultrasound in Aesthetics ✨
Nurse Ange spent yesterday improving her knowledge in facial ultrasound.
We have been implementing ultrasound in our clinic for the last few months and are one of the only clinics on the GC offering this!
Ultrasound provides another level of safety where if we have the unfortunate event of an occlusion we are able to locate it via ultrasound and provide a more targeted approach to dissolving the occlusion.
We have also been using this in locating old dermal filler before dissolving and has been a great tool in our consultations.
We also have the ability to map vessels before treating the more dangerous areas of the face.

Providing the most safest available approach to treatments has always been the most important factor in our treatments.
Do you want to book a consultation with one of our experienced nurses. Jump over to our website now and hit the online booking link
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Feeling a little low on energy? Come and try our Infinity shot! Packed with NAD+ and vitamins which will help you feel your best!

NAD+ can help to strengthen the immune system, assist with memory and concentration, supports healthy energy levels, can help to clear brain fog and improve mental clarity & much more.

This shot only takes a few seconds to administer, so you will be in and out of the clinic in minutes!

Book in today 💉

We believe education is the biggest key to providing the most up to date treatments and products for you. Our nurses are continually looking at ways to upskill.
Today we took our skin care to the next level. We love our dermaceutic and biopelle skin care. If your looking for premium skin care that is research based and provides results talk to us at your next consultation
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Our mini lip plump is great to create some definition, volume and hydration when your not wanting a lot of fullness. Mini lip plump is from $280! Book online via the booking link on our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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Beautiful lip filler results by our very talented Registered Nurse @hayley.j_aesthetics
Book your lip filler appointments with Nurse Hayley via the online booking link on our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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Anti wrinkle injections are not just for the ladies. Our male clients are loving the results of a little freshen up. The trick is to soften the wrinkles and not completely take them away to keep them guessing. Has he just had a holiday or why is he looking fresher 🤔we won’t let your secret out too 🤫
Book online via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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Advanced Thread lift Techniques to achieve jowl lift and jawline definition.
No amount of filler can create the results of what a thread lift creates. We believe in natural results and not over inflated faces which is why we recommend thread lifting when patients have saggy skin especially in the jowl area.
Nurse Ange is a Clinical Educator for Thread lifts. Book online with her now to discuss your thread lifting options. Booking link is on our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633

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A big welcome to @cosmeticnurseanika to the Filtered Faces team!
Nurse Anika has been injecting for over 7 years and loves to create a full face rejuvenation. Book online with Anika via our website, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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Education is key to providing our patients the most up to date on trend treatments. Nurse Ange is at a conference today learning more new things to bring to you. Watch this space for more new treatments coming to Filtered Faces Aesthetics!!!
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The filtered faces team at @profhilo_aunz launch ...

Hiko Nose Thread training with Nurse Ange.
Nose threads are an amazing way to straighten the bridge of the nose and upturn the tip. They are a safer option than a liquid rhinoplasty and last up to 18 months.
Send us a message or come in for a consultation to discuss our thread options
Contact 0411 146 633
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Another beautiful client being treated by Nurse Hayley with our brand new Bio-remodelling treatment! This is the first of 2 treatments, and we will show you the results in 4 weeks, and again 4 weeks after her second treatment!

Call the clinic on 0411 146 633 or message us for more information!

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Our beautiful new signage is up! We are in love 😍

We are slowly making our new clinic our home, and we hope you are all loving it as much as we are!
We look forward to welcoming you all 😊

The Filtered Faces Team

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New treatment update! I was not expecting this much of a difference 5 days after our new bioremodelling treatment 🙌🏻 To say I’m excited is an understatement at my results so far and it’s just going to keep improving.
We are taking bookings now for this total game changer treatment.
Book online, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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Our newest treatment has arrived! 🎉

Here we have Nurse Hayley @hayley.j_aesthetics treating our Nurse Ange!

Hayley is treating Ange’s neck and décolletage to help with ‘grandma neck’ as Angela calls it! Otherwise known as skin crepiness. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and more fragile, as our collagen production slows down.

This treatment helps to combat this! This product is bio-remodeller, using ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, it stimulates collagen and elastin, attracting water in the deeper layers of skin, making you look tighter, more youthful and more fresh!

DM or call the clinic on 0411 146 633 to book in for more information or a complimentary consult!

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Refilling lips after dissolving takes time and patience. Nurse Ange has used a combination of dermal filler and our pdo mono threads to create a natural soft look to this beauty’s lips and to create a collagen scaffold with the use of pdo mono threads after dissolving her filler migration💋
Book your lip filler journey with our team of highly experienced Registered Nurses by hitting the book now button in the bio, DM or contact 0411 146 633
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